Tom Bruni is the Founder and Senior Editor of the Technical Analysis blog BruniCharting.com.  His approach to financial markets involves utilizing Top-Down Technical Analysis to identify the best risk/reward opportunities across all liquid global asset classes. In addition to his work on the blog, he currently holds a position in the Financial Services Risk Advisory Division of one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms. His work can be found regularly on AllStarCharts.com and SeeItMarket.com, as well as traditional media outlets such as Business Insider and Benzinga. He graduated with his B.S. in Accounting from Molloy College in 2016 and is currently working toward completing his CPA, CFA, and CMT designations.

BruniCharting: This blog was founded in August of 2013 during my freshman year of college with the sole purpose of helping me track progress and keep myself accountable to putting in the work to teach myself about financial markets. Through social media and the power of the internet, I have been able to share my work with the rest of the finance community and receive valuable feedback over the past several years. This platform has allowed me to interact with, learn from, and build relationships with some of the smartest minds in finance, and I look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come. I relaunched the blog with its current format when I graduated in May of 2016 to focus solely on Technical Analysis. My old blog and content can still be found here.

My Approach: I approach financial markets using Top-Down Technical Analysis and the simple tools of price, momentum, sentiment, and seasonality to analyze all liquid global asset classes and identify opportunities where the risk/reward is ridiculously skewed in my favor. I’m a keep it simple stupid kind of guy, so my charts are kept clean and typically include only a 14-period RSI to measure momentum, a 200 period moving average to assist in trend recognition, and a few annotations. My time horizon is defined in weeks, months, and years, so I don’t use any intraday charts, which is fine because Charles Dow taught us that closing prices are the most important prices anyway. Lastly, the focus of my work is not on being right, it’s on making money , which is why risk management is the most important aspect my process.  Nothing I do is proprietary or new to the world of finance, I simply take the time to weigh the evidence from all around the world to create a clear picture of what’s happening. Hence the puzzle pieces in my logo.